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The John Becker Memorial Oar.


On the ice is where character is made
And walk the ghosts of past molds broken,
The sacred oar, and the final staid.

They raise the flags once, twice, thrice!
You see, there is life on the line,
Out here on the ice.

Author:  Marc Fitch

Shining Stars Of The Oar

Listed here are members that have passed away. Each name is engraved on a Brass Plaque mounted on a wooden oar hence the name "Shining Stars Of The Oar"  Hopefully the list grows very slowly.
John Becker  1938----1997
Tom Broderick  1989----1997
Charlie Martone  2000
Joe Kalogeras  1968----2001
Cliff Parker  1979----2001
Dick Frey  1988----2002
Al Walker  1978----2008
Roger Johanson  1972----2008
Ed Spinken  1993---2009
John McAliney  1996---2009
Ned Johnson 
John Cannizzaro

Dick Frey 1989

John Cannizzaro

John McAliney 1999

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