Ice Fishing Safari

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2018 Safari pictures

2018 Video

Video 2017 Safari

2016 Rookie Video

2016 Still Photo's

Click here for 2014 pictures. Click on a picture half way down the page to scroll through the photos or run a slide show.

When you want to view the still photos on Shutterfly, click the link below, and slide down the Shutterfly page and you can view a slide show or double click and view the pictures one at a time....jdr

2013 photos Click here to see pictures with names. Once at Shutterfly select tab Pictures and videos. You should see Safari 2013, Safari Faces and on the right 2013 Rookie video

2012 Still Photos

2011 Pictures and videos

2011 more Pictures

2009 Pictures

2008 Still Photo's

Ken Crispens photo's from 2002-2008

2007 Still Photo's

More 2005 Photo's

Tribute to the Bell System

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